What Kills Termites Naturally?

What Kills Termites Naturally?

Termites are a terrible pest that love to find themselves in residential and commercial spaces. When these pests are left untreated, they can quickly leave thousands of dollars in damage in their wake. When these colonies choose to attack a structural beam or important wooden feature to your home or business, the damage can be even more difficult to come back from. The best way to protect your space from a termite infestation is by having your home or business regularly inspected by the termite professionals at Armor Pest Control in Houston. Our team is here to help you catch the problem early, before it becomes unmanageable. Keeping your home free of termites can save you massive amounts of damage, which means big time savings for you.


If you notice that you have a termite infestation near your home, such as in a woodpile, or in your crawl space, you may wish to use a natural method to eliminate the termite colony, in order to protect your space. Listed below are some of the most common and effective ways to naturally kill termites:


Fire: While no one would ever suggest you set a fire inside of your home or business, in cases where termites have begun gathering close to your space, such as in abandoned firewood, a dead tree, or in discarded wood, burning the colony will be the best way to prevent them from entering into your commercial or residential space. However, if you have seen a termite colony close to your home, the potential that they have already infested your space is too great to not have an inspection performed by a professional termite exterminator. At Armor Pest Control in Houston, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality termite extermination services. Contact us for preventive and removal services.


Nematodes: Nematodes are worms that specifically love to feed on termites. If you suspect you may have termites in your space, you can release these worms who will then be on a mission to hunt these termites and consume them for protein. Releasing nematodes should never be done as your complete termite treatment, but can be effective at shrinking the size of termite colonies.


Wet Cardboard: A common trick to lure termites out of hiding is leaving wet cardboard out in the space you believe they are inhabiting. They will be drawn to the moisture and material, once you see a large amount have gathered on a piece of cardboard, bring it outside and burn it in a controlled fire.


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