Can Termites Come Back After Treatment?

Can Termites Come Back After Treatment?

Termite infestations have the potential to devastate a property, leaving behind thousands of dollars in damages in a short period of time. For home and business owners currently experiencing a termite problem or who have previously experienced one, a question that may weigh heavily on their minds is, “Can termites come back after treatment?”


The simple answer is, yes. While one termite treatment may prevent an immediate reinfestation in your residential or commercial property, it will not last forever. This is because termite treatment is a very involved process that will require continued efforts in order to fully protect your space. 


Our team works hard to help completely eliminate termites from the spaces they find their way into, whether that be your basement, your garage, your home, or your business. Once we have confidently treated and removed the termites from your space, our team will begin to work at creating a barrier of protection that surrounds your property in order to deter termites from returning to your home or business to feast on your wood. It is important that home and business owners take note of where this barrier is put into place, as digging the area up for gardening or landscaping can impact the effectiveness of this barrier. 


Termites feed on wood and are extremely persistent pests that can make their way into your home or business from the smallest cracks in your window seal, door frame, or even foundation of your home. Once they have made their way into a space they can go undetected for long periods of time, allowing them to eat through hundreds of pounds of wood before they are detected. Keep your space safe from termites and other pests with Armor Pest Control Services in Houston. We specialize in affordable pest control without sacrificing the quality of our pest removal and protection treatments.


While termite treatments can last you for more than a year, certain factors can lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of these treatments. This is why it is important to keep your home inspected and protected from termites by staying on top of annual pest inspections in your space. Our highly trained and experienced exterminators work with you to find solutions to protect your property from a wide range of pests. Schedule your maintenance with Armor Pest Control today. 


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