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    When you are operating a business, one of the last things you have time to deal with is a pesky pest infestation. Not only can pest infestations be damaging to the structure of your business, they also can affect the cleanliness of your space. If customers become aware of a roach, mice, or rat presence in your business not only will you almost definitely lose their business, you may also experience backlash in the form of negative reviews, or intervention from a health inspector.

    With all of this in mind, it is easy to see how important seeking professional pest control for your Houston business is at the first sign of a problem. The team at Armor Pest Control offers a wide range of pest removal services for everything from ants and bees to roaches and rats, we can help rid your space of all unwanted guests. Contact us today to learn more about our removal and prevention services for pests in your Houston business and don’t forget to check our website for discounts!

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    Businesses are expected to keep their properties organized, clean, and of course free of all pests. In Houston, we experience higher populations of mosquitoes, roaches, and other wildlife pests than in cooler environments, because of this it is important to maintain strong preventative strategies for your space. At Armor Pest Control, our team is dedicated to bringing Houston businesses the absolute most convenient and comprehensive pest control services.

    Do not let your small pest problem get out of hand! Instead, at the first sign of a pest problem contact the team of expert pest control professionals at Armor Pest Control in Houston. Protect your space and rid it of all unwanted guests with the help of our team. Call us today to learn more about the commercial pest control services we offer and how we can help keep your space safe, clean, and free of insects and wildlife.

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    When it comes to protecting your commercial space from pests, you will want to work with the best Houston commercial exterminators possible. At Armor Pest Control, we dedicate ourselves to bringing you the most efficient and affordable pest control solutions. We understand that even if you are working hard to keep your space clean and protected, some pest infestations are unavoidable.

    If you see animal droppings, insects, or other tell tale signs of a pest infestation, contact Armor Pest Control right away. We will do whatever it takes to ensure your commercial space is clean and free of all pests. We work to remove all pests including ants, roaches, bees, mice, rats, and many more. If you are concerned about a recent infestation in your space or are simply looking for the most effective preventive strategies give us a call.

    Signs your Business might have a pest infestation

    1. Pest Droppings

    2. Nesting

    3. Physical Damage


    Most Frequent Questions and Answers

    Whether it’s ensuring proper hygiene, using natural alternatives, using DIY methods, or using professional services, it definitely pays off preventive pest control. The best way to treat an infestation is first to prevent it from starting.

    We will come to your business and provide you with an inspection and identification. If you can capture a sample of the pest, we ask that you keep it in a tightly closed small jar or bottle filled with rubbing alcohol.

    It really depends on the pest, the infestation level and the time of year. Some pests we are able to take care of in one treatment, while others require a maintenance plan of monthly or every other month service to achieve effective control. We will find a program to fit your needs and take care of your problem.

    ”Pest Control Provider’s” cannot legally indicate that any pesticide treatment is ”safe.” Armor Pest Control can tell you that with proper mixtures and treating techniques, we limit any adverse affects to you, your kids or pets. If our treatment were dangerous to you, your kids or pets, we would not be in business. We are here to help and definitely not harm. This is actually the very best reason to hire Armor Pest Control. We do not want you to try to treat the problem and pose possible harm to yourself, family or pets. We have your best interest in mind!

    It really depends on the type of pest and the infestation level you have. Armor Pest Control’s goal is to provide you with the best results possible. In an effort to do this we have developed a proven means of keeping you happy. This requires winter control. One of the ways we try to help you budget your money is to keep an even, low cost payment throughout the year, so you don’t have the unexpected surprises of increased bills.

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