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    While honeybees offer many benefits to our ecosystem, their population in Texas is much higher than in many northern states. With their large numbers in Houston, they can easily become a pest, especially when they are located close to a home or business. Unfortunately, many people have an extreme allergy to bee stings, that can come with serious side effects and may require hospitalization. If you have a large population of bees by your home or business, contact the bee removal experts of Houston at Armor Pest Control.

    Our team not only can help to remove the bees from your property, we also help to relocate them safely in order to preserve this precious species. We believe in offering affordable, low cost bee removal to the communities of Houston. If you are looking to remove bees or other potential pests from your property, contact us today. Our team will go over your options with you to ensure your space is safe and free of all pests.

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    Unfortunately, bee hives can grow to be too large quickly, leading to serious problems for your family, property, and customers. At Armor Pest Control, we offer safe and quick bee removal for your property. Our bee removal experts are highly trained and knowledgeable when it comes to removing swarms of beers from your home or business without extermination. Our specialty bee removal services work hard to provide your space with long term solutions for your bee infestation.

    We assist in the repair and sealing of all structural damages that may have resulted from your bee problem. Contact us today to learn more about our safe and efficient bee removal process and how we can help you reclaim your space quickly. We believe in affordable bee removal services, so be sure to ask us about any specials we may be running.

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    The highly skilled bee removal experts at Armor Pest Control work hard to remove the bees from your space and relocate them quickly to an environment where they can thrive. This is important so that the bees can continue helping the ecosystem by pollinating crops and producing natural honey. Once the bees are removed from your space, our experts will help to reinforce the perimeter of your space, protecting it from further infestations.

    If you observe a swarm of bees outside of your home, do not be alarmed. Instead, contact Armor Pest Control. Our team will come out to your space and safely remove the bees without disrupting their health or using toxic chemicals around your home or business. Call us today to learn more about our safe and affordable bee removal solutions.

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    Signs you might have a Bee infestation

    1. Bees Everywhere

    2. Holes

    3. Active Hives


    Most Frequent Questions and Answers

    The first thing is don’t be nervous. We will do our very best to answer all your questions. We will explain the what, when, where and how to best resolve your problem. We are here for you and would like to help. Please call or contact us to set a time for a personal inspection.

    Don’t jump into the water; the bees may hover until you get up. Don’t stand still and swat at the bees. Rapid movements will cause them to sting. It’s also recommended that you pull your shirt over your head to protect your face.

    Alarm pheromones near a hive may attract other bees to the site, where they will also exhibit defensive behavior until there is no longer a threat, usually because the victim has either fled or been killed.

    Bee sting venom produces proteins that affect skin and immune system, causing pain and swelling around the sting area. Bee venom can cause a more serious immune system reaction in people with a bee sting allergy.

    Although a bee sting is painful but otherwise relatively harmless for most people, stings can cause a dangerous anaphylactic reaction which is potentially deadly in people with insect sting allergy.

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