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At Armor Pest Control, we offer strong, personalized bed bug treatments for your unique space. We work hard to remove these terrible pests from your home as quickly as possible, at a low cost that fits into your budget. We understand how serious the infestation of bed bugs can be in your home. This is why our team has come up with a system for bed bug removal that effectively eliminates them from your home with a little disruption to your family’s lifestyle as possible.

Our pest control technicians come to your home and perform a comprehensive inspection of your space, focusing on your beds, furniture, and linens. Not only do we kill all of the bed bugs currently in your home, we kill all the eggs that have been laid deep in your furniture. At the first sight of bed bugs in your space, contact the bed bug elimination experts at Armor Pest Control. We can rid your space of bed bugs and help you keep them from coming back!

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Many factors can contribute to the presence of bed bugs in your home. One of the most common ways bed bugs enter the home is by latching onto your clothing or your property and allowing you to carry them back into your space. For those who travel frequently and stay in hotel rooms, this can be hard to avoid. Before staying at a hotel always check for reviews to ensure there have not been complaints made about bed bugs.

Additionally, check the bed you are sleeping in thoroughly before you climb in. It is easier to prevent getting bed bugs at all than it is to remove them from your space. If you have developed bed bug bites, or have seen them on your furniture, reach out to Armor Pest Control. Our team is highly trained and knowledgeable when it comes to the removal of bed bugs from our client’s furniture and homes. Ridding your home of bed bugs is not a task you will want to take on by yourself, contact us today!

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While bed bugs get their name due to the fact that they normally are found in mattresses this is not the only area in your home you should worry about them. In fact, bed bugs can live anywhere that a human or other warm-blooded host is present.  The difficulty with bed bugs is, they are able to feed and attach onto you anywhere. Catching an Uber? Seeing a movie with your family? Both of these environments can put you in the path of bed bugs.

Unfortunately, in the last couple of decades we have seen an increase in bed bug infestations in homes across the country. If you have reasons to believe your home has become infested with bed bugs, contact Armor Pest Control. Our team of pest control experts work quickly to clear your home and reclaim your furniture from blood-feeding bed bugs. Contact us today to learn more about our pest control services and how we can help you rid your home of all unwanted guests.

Signs you might have a Bed Bug infestation

1. Bedbug Excrement

2. Blood Stains

3. Bad Odor


Most Frequent Questions and Answers

In general, developing from an egg to an adult takes at least seven weeks for a bed bug, so there should be no new egg adults during that period. Therefore, if there are a lot of adult bugs, one can fairly presume the infestation has been there for more than seven weeks.

Keep away from areas where people are sleeping, as this is where the most likely bed bugs are. Take no items back to yours from your friend’s home. Bed bugs can hide in virtually anything, including gadgets and toys. When you get home, change your clothes straight away and place them in a plastic bag.

People find bugs crawling around their bodies, or hidden in their hair, and they’re afraid they might be bed bugs. It’s especially unlikely to find bed bugs in your hair. Bed bugs don’t have claws designed to help them move through your hair.

Technically, bed bugs will stay in the washing machine through a loop. The truth is that while washing your clothes or linens will kill most bed bugs, any residual bugs will eventually be exterminated by the heat of drying your items.

There are several explanations why it is so hard to eliminate bed bugs. These tiny bugs reproduce rapidly and they can go on for long periods of time without their favorite meal: human food. To successfully eliminate an infestation, every viable bed bug has to be identified and destroyed, which is not an easy task.

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