What Is The First Sign of Bed Bugs?

What Is The First Sign of Bed Bugs?

Finding out you have bed bugs can feel overwhelming. Everyone knows they are notoriously difficult to live with, and knowing you have bugs hiding in your furniture and throughout your space that come out and feed on you at night can be extremely uncomfortable. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for households living with bed bugs to recognize an infestation. This is because the signs and symptoms of bed bugs can be hard to detect, especially to those who have never dealt with them before. Listed below are the most common signs that you may be living with bed bugs in your home:


Red Itchy Bites: One of the first signs that you have a bed bug problem in your home is noticing red, flat, itchy welts that are left in clusters or zig zag patterns on you or someone else in your home. In some cases, you may even notice the bites are left in long straight rows. The good news is, bed bugs cannot pass disease along to humans but their bites can become infected and lead to complications. These bites are often focused in the arm and shoulder area, though can appear anywhere. If you suspect that you may have bed bugs in your home, contact the professionals at Armor Pest Control in Houston, TX.


Blood Stains in Bed: Bed bugs bite into humans in order to feed on their blood. Unfortunately, whenever this happens the bite may secrete a small amount of blood which can stain your bed sheets and blankets. While this is an unpleasant sign, it also can help to identify that you have a bed bug problem in your home. If you notice rusty color spots in your bed, contact Armor Pest Control Services in Houston, TX. Our team can help to quickly assess the situation and come up with solutions that work for your space.


The bed bug removal professionals at Armor Pest Control can come to your home and quickly conduct a comprehensive inspection of your space. The main focuses being on detecting signs of bed bugs in your beds, furniture, and linens. Not only does our team kill all of the bed bugs currently in your home, we kill all the eggs that have been laid deep in your furniture. At the first sight of bed bugs in your space, contact the bed bug elimination experts at Armor Pest Control in Houston. We can rid your space of bed bugs and help you keep them from coming back!


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