What Do Bed Bugs Hate?

What Do Bed Bugs Hate?

When it comes to bed bugs, it is obvious that they were given their name due to the fact that they typically hide deep inside of mattresses. However, this is not the only place inside of your space you should worry about them. In fact, bed bugs can live anywhere that a human or other warm-blooded host is present.  The difficulty with bed bugs is, they are able to feed and attach onto you anywhere. Many people wonder if they can candle taking care of these pesky bugs on their own, but this is rarely a good idea. While it is true that bed bugs have a major aversion to certain scents, making many people believe that certain natural remedies may help to eliminate the bed bugs from your space, including:


-Tea tree oil

-Lavender oil

-Diatomaceous earth

-Lemon juice

-Pepper powder


Unfortunately, bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of and can quickly lead to an out of control infestation that can be time consuming and overwhelming to get rid of. This makes working with a pest control expert to eliminate the infestation in your home extremely important. At Armor Pest Control Services in Houston, our team works with home owners to find long term solutions to eliminate the bed bugs from your space.


Many different variables can influence the presence of bed bugs in your home or business. One of the most frequently seen ways bed bugs enter the home is by latching onto your clothing or your property and allowing you to carry them back into your space. For home owners who travel frequently and stay in many different hotel rooms or other public spaces, it can be hard to avoid. Before staying in a public hotel, motel, airbnb, or other place, always check for reviews to ensure there have not been complaints made about bed bugs.


Additionally, check the bed you are sleeping in thoroughly before you climb in. It is easier to prevent getting bed bugs at all than it is to remove them from your space. If you have developed bed bug bites, or have seen them on your furniture, reach out to Armor Pest Control. Our team is highly trained and knowledgeable when it comes to the removal of bed bugs from our client’s furniture and homes. Ridding your home of bed bugs is not a task you will want to take on by yourself, contact us today!


Bed Bug Removal in Houston

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