Do Bed Bug Bites Leave A Mark?

Do Bed Bug Bites Leave A Mark?

Bed bugs are highly effective at making their way into new spaces and going undetected for extended periods of time. Once bed bugs make their way into your home, they will begin to lay eggs immediately and can quickly lead to an overwhelming infestation. At the first sign of a bed bug infestation in your home, contact Armor Pest Control Services in Houston. Not only do these bed bugs quickly take over homes, they also feed off your blood while you are sleeping. In most cases, they leave behind swollen bites that easily become irritated from scratching. In some cases, these bites will become red and swollen. However, in some cases, it is important to know that those living with bed bugs may never see a mark, or be left with an itch.


At Armor Pest Control in Houston, our dedicated team of bed bug removal specialists offer personalized bed bug treatments for your space’s unique needs. We work hard to remove these terrible bloodsucking pests from your home as quickly and effectively as possible, at an affordable cost that fits your budget. We understand how uncomfortable it can be knowing that you have an infestation of bed bugs. This is why our team has come up with a quick system for bed bug removal that effectively eliminates them from your home with as little disruption to your family’s lifestyle as possible. Regain control of your home with Armor Pest Control today. Our team works quickly to restore the cleanliness of your space and eliminate all pests quickly.


Our bed bug removal experts who work within the communities of the Greater Houston area will come to your home and perform a thorough inspection of your space, focusing on your beds, furniture, carpet, linens, and more. Not only do we kill all of the bed bugs currently in your home, we also eliminate all of the eggs that have been laid deep in your furniture and carpeting. Remember even though bed bugs seem to primarily live in mattresses, they can live anywhere that a warm body host is present to feed off of. At the first sight of bed bugs in your space, contact the bed bug elimination experts at Armor Pest Control. We can rid your space of bed bugs and help you keep them from coming back!


Bed Bug Removal in Houston

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