Can Bed Bugs Give Me Lyme Disease?

Can Bed Bugs Give Me Lyme Disease?

For many people, dealing with a bed bug infestation can feel traumatic. These small little pests often make their way into your home undetected for long periods of time before they are eventually identified. Once they are identified many homeowners may feel overwhelmed and full of questions, such as, “Can Bed Bugs Give Me Lyme Disease?”


While bed bugs, like ticks and mosquitoes, feed on blood in order to survive, they are not known to transmit any diseases such as Lyme disease or malaria. Research does provide evidence that some pathogens have been detected in and on bed bugs including hepatitis B, and exotic organisms such as Trypanosoma cruzi –a cause of Chagas Disease, which is rarely found in the United States– these bloodsuckers have not been associated with disease transmission.


Another common question we are asked by homeowners is, “Is it bed bug season?” Unfortunately, bed bugs are not just a seasonal bug, they are a year-round pest that can infest in your home at any time. It is thought that these bugs are more active in warmer months, but living in a subtropical climate such as the one in Houston, means they are never exposed to severe cold weather. Additionally, we are more likely to travel during warmer months and travel is one of the main causes that lead to bed bug infestations.


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