Why Do I Have Ants In My House?

Why Do I Have Ants In My House?

In Texas, ants can be a problem all year long. These unwanted house guests are cunning and can find their way into your home through even the smallest of openings. Once the ants make their way inside the house, the number of ants you see may be unnerving. While ants absolutely are active during the cooler seasons in Texas, they are most active during our long spring and summer months. Learning about what attracts these ants into your home and how you can take steps to prevent them from coming back into your space. 


The size of ants makes keeping them out of your home a challenge. This is because ants are able to find entrance into your home, even through the smallest of cracks. There is a common misconception that ants will only come into unclean homes, this is not true. There are multiple different causes that can lead to ants making their way into your home. Listed below are some of the most common reasons you may have ants in your house: 


Food: Like most insects that make their way into your house, ants are simply looking for food to survive. These tiny little bugs are natural foragers that will travel far distances in the pursuit of a good meal. Worker ants will spend hours scavenging for food, then, once they find it they will alert other ants of what they have found. This is done through a scent trail, also called a pheromone trail. Once the ants find the food, they will carry it back to the rest of their colony, to feed them all.  


Ants have a more diverse diet than many other insects, but they tend to be most attracted to sweet flavors with high sugar content/ There are over 10,000 different types of ants, most of which eat meat and vegetables, making most ant species omnivores. 


To help prevent attracting ants in your kitchen or home:

Clean Often: You will want to ensure you are cleaning up any crumbs in your kitchen after every meal. Sometimes we do not realize how many crumbs collect in our toasters, or even under our microwaves, until it is too late and we have a massive ant invasion on our hands. Keep your kitchen clean and take your trash out as it collects. Trash that sits with food in it can lead to ants and other unwanted pests coming into your home in hopes of enjoying a meal. 


Store Food Safely: Whenever it is possible, refrigerate fruits and vegetables. The natural sugars in both fruits and vegetables will become sweeter and more fragrant as they sit, which will lead to more ants coming into your home. Avoid this by refrigerating your organic food items and storing your pantry items in safe containers. Sometimes simply rolling the bag of cereal up and stuffing it into its box is not enough to keep would-be invaders away from your food. 


Address Spills Quickly: Whenever you spill a soda, a glass of juice, or anything else, you should address the spill as quickly as possible. If you notice some of the liquid has made its way under your fridge, or other kitchen appliance, this can be a problem. Take the time to get as thorough of a cleanup as possible on your spill, in order to avoid ants smelling the sugars and traveling into your home. The stickier the spill, the more inclined bugs will be to follow the scent. 

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