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    For home and business owners in Houston, ants are not just a seasonal concern, they are a year round issue. This is because in Houston we have a subtropical climate with a long warm season and a mild cold season. Ants are cold-blooded insects that thrive in these conditions. You may notice more activity from ants during the spring and summer, but cooler weather can lead them to seek shelter indoors. A common misconception is that ants will only invade unclean spaces but this is not the case.

    You can maintain a very clean home, have excellent seals on all potential entry points and still experience issues with ants in your home or business. Some ants, like carpenter ants, are more difficult to keep away from your property. This is because carpenter ants nest in dead wood and can get deep within the structure of your space before you notice. Protect your Houston home or business from ants with the help of Armor Pest Control.

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    Many people believe killing one problematic ant colony on their property will be enough to eliminate their ant issue. Unfortunately, ant removal is not quite that simple. This is because ants emit strong pheromones that act as a trail for other ants to follow them. Additionally, they have something known as satellite colonies, which can be in other yards or homes, that are connected to the one in your space.

    At Armor Pest Control, we work hard to not only kill the colonies on your property, but also to protect your space from neighboring colonies. If you notice ant hills in your yard, or have the misfortune of having ants invade your home or business, contact the pest control experts at Armor Pest Control in Houston. Our team will help to identify the species of ant on your property, the cause for your problem, and develop the best strategy to remove the ants from your space. Contact us today to remove the ants from your space and protect it from future pest problems.

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    In the United States alone, there are more than 700 species of ants. As you can imagine, with this many different types of ants, not all of them can be removed the same way. At Armor Pest Control, we can identify what type of ants are affecting your residential or commercial property and quickly eliminate them. Ant queens can live for decades with the right conditions and can wreak havoc or your space, laying up to 800 eggs in one day.

    Ant infestations can happen quickly and become out of control quickly. These ant infestations can be difficult to control because even when an entire colony is killed, more ants may still be on their way into your space. The dedicated team of ant removal specialists at Armor Pest Control in Houston, are here to help you rid your space of ants and protect it from future ant infestations. Contact us today to learn more about how we can keep pests away from your home or business.

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    Most Frequent Questions and Answers

    Borax acts on ants primarily as a poison to the stomach. The bait food, filled with Borax, will be brought back to the nest by the worker ants. The colony’s ants must eat it, and die. For a more long-term solution to ant infestations, contact the experts at Armor Pest Control Services

    The most common reason for ants to invade is that they have been able to access sugar and uncoated food. If they do, they go to their nest, send the message to other workers, and immediately swarms of these ants come to your house for food to be gathered throughout the rest of their population.

    When an ant dies, it is quickly isolated from its nestmates. The risk of an infection colony is developing in this way. But how are they conscious of their dead? Dead ants release chemicals from decomposition that signify their death to the living ants of the colony. This, however, will not pose as an increased threat to your home.

    Black or garden ants do not bite or carry disease. Nonetheless, bear in mind that any ants you encounter in your home may have passed through dirty places and may have polluted exposed food. However, ants also kill and eat other growing pests such as flies (spreading germs) and fleas.

    Unless you see a couple of ants foraging for food around your countertops, they generally go somewhere, and come from somewhere. Usually, if you clean up the spill, the ants will go away on their own until next time. If you’re experiencing consistent ant sightings, contact the professionals at Armor Pest Control Services

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