Are Pest Control Companies Safe?

Are Pest Control Companies Safe?

At Armor Pest Control Services, our team is dedicated to providing you with the most efficient and safe services in The Woodlands. Nothing matters more to us than the safety and health of our customers and staff. With this in mind, we have made it a point to implement the highest standard of training and equipment within our company. All of our pest control technicians are armed with knowledge and hands on experience to keep you and your loved ones safe, and the pests out! We believe in quality customer service you can rely on and affordable prices that make pest control management a solution that works for everyone. If you feel that you may have a pest control problem at your residential or commercial property, or simply wish to take preventative measures to protect your property, we can help! Contact us today to learn more about our pest control services and how we can help protect your home or business!


The Learning Is Never Over

One thing that makes Armor Pest Control Services stand out among the competition is our dedication to continuing education for our pest control technicians. We believe when it comes to something as important as handling chemicals in your home or business that the learning is never over. We make it our priority to keep all of our technicians up to date on the newest regulations and guidelines for pesticides and pest control measures. This is important because the USDA and EPA are continuously monitoring and testing the chemicals used in our pesticides. If a standard changes or a better chemical comes out with less risk and higher reward, you can rest assured that Armor Pest Control Services is aware. We know how important the health and comfort of those in your home or business are to you and work to preserve both. If you have concerns about your property, would like to begin preventive care for your space, or simply would like to know about how Armor Pest Control Services can help your business, contact us today!


Pesticides Are For Professionals

While some home and business owners may elect to use pesticides in their space, it is highly encouraged to work with a professional pest control company for these concerns. Not only are we trained to handle the pesticides we work with, we also understand how to set up long term protection for your home or business that does more than just eliminate current pests from your space. Schedule an appointment with us today to protect your space against harmful pests!


The Woodlands TX Pest Control

Armor Pest Control is here to help home and business owners protect the structure of their property and promote the wellbeing of the people who inhabit it. We offer a wide range of pest prevention, extermination, and removal services for ants, termites, roaches, rodents, wildlife, and other pests. We proudly serve the Greater The Woodlands area, including but not limited to: Bear Creek Village, Cinco Ranch, Copperfield Place, Cypress, Hockley, Katy, New Caney, Prairie View, Shenandoah, Spring, Willowbrook, and The Woodlands. When you are looking for the quickest, most efficient, and affordable pest control services in Houston, contact Armor Pest Control today!


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