Are Pest Control Chemicals Safe?

Are Pest Control Chemicals Safe?

At Armor Pest Control Services in The Woodlands, TX, we are dedicated to providing pest control services that do not put our customers or staff at risk. We work to eliminate potential health problems that can come from a pest infestation in your home or business. We take your safety seriously and only work with regulated and approved pesticides, carefully following their instructions and guidelines.


It is 2020 and most things, including pesticides have come a long way when it comes to eliminating potentially harmful chemicals from pesticides. These chemicals are heavily regulated and tested in order to eliminate risk factors. The USDA and EPA have been working with pesticide developers for years to come up with best solutions for keeping pests outside of our residential and commercial properties. This means, the pesticides we use in your home or business are not harmful to you, making pest control chemicals safe in your environment. However, the chemicals we work with are very strong and should not be handled by someone who is lacking the special education and training the pest control technicians at Armor Pest Control Services have undergone.


The highly trained and experienced pest control technicians at Armor Pest Control Services in The Woodlands are here for you. We have the knowledge to ensure we are never putting you or your family in danger when we provide you with pest control services. We stay up to date on the most modern pesticides and regulations to keep you safe!


Home and business owners may try to take on pest control services on their own, which, unfortunately, may lead to higher risk. Any chemical has the potential to be harmful whenever it is being handled by someone who does not specifically have training in dealing with it. This is why it is widely encouraged for home and business owners to work with a professional pest control company instead of trying to tackle this issue on their own.


If you are in need of pest control services on your property and want the assurance that comes along when you work with a professional pest control team, contact Armor Pest Control Services in The Woodlands today! We can help you to come up with long term solutions to rid your space of pests and keep them out! Schedule an appointment today to protect your home or business from pests!


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