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    Residential Pest Control New Caney TX

    As the residential pest control experts in New Caney, TX, we understand when it comes to protecting your home and family, nothing matters more. This is why we work hard to keep destructive and unclean pests from invading your home. Unfortunately, when preventive measures are not taken early enough, pests can manage to find a way into your space, where they have the potential to cause major structural damage to your home and negatively impact the health of your family. When you are dealing with wood-eating termites, they can deal thousands of dollars of damage to your home before you even realize there is a problem.

    Pests inside the home that leave droppings are unclean and may cause respiratory and other health concerns for your family. The dedicated residential pest control experts in New Caney, TX are here to help your family quickly and efficiently remove a wide range of pests and wildlife from your home, without breaking your budget. Call Armor Pest Control in New Caney, TX at the first sign of a problem to learn more about the pest control services we offer and how we can eliminate them from your space for good!

    Bee Removal New Caney TX

    Bees are a special insect because for the most part they keep to themselves and manage to provide our ecosystem with a great deal of help when it comes to pollination. Typically, bees are most often in warm seasons and live in large colonies where they work to produce honey. Unfortunately, whenever a bee feels threatened or becomes aware that a bee from its shared colony has died, it may react aggressively. Bees mirror the behaviors of their peers, which can cause a small interference to their hive to become a major issue quickly.

    When bees swarm they often will string perceived threats as a way to protect themselves. This can be risky for those who suffer from bee sting allergies. If your home or business has an issue with bees swarming in your yard, or close to your property, our bee removal experts can help. Not only do we remove the bees from your space, we also safely relocate them with minimum disruption. Contact us today to learn more about the bee removal services in New Caney TX that we offer and how our team can help you!

    Bed Bug Removal New Caney TX

    We have seen an increase in bed bugs making their way into homes in the last decade. This is worrisome because once they make it into your home, they can be difficult to get rid of. These crafty bugs can be found anywhere, including in cars, carpet, and furniture. They latch onto your clothing and your belongings, where they stay until they enter your home. Once they are in your home it may take weeks to months to even realize there is a problem. This is because they sleep, burrow deeply in your carpet and furniture, during the day and come out late at night once you are asleep. They survive on blood and will bite you while you sleep in order to sustain life.

    At Armor Pest Control in New Caney, TX, we work quickly to treat your carpets, furniture, and mattresses, to eliminate bed bugs in your space and kill their eggs before they have the chance to hatch.Our team is dedicated to ridding your home of these unwanted pests as quickly as possible without breaking your family’s budget. Contact Armor Pest Control today to learn more about our bed bug removal services and how we can help get them out of your home for good.

    About New Caney TX

    New Caney was established in 1862 under the name Presswood, named for pioneers Austin and Sarah Waters Presswood. Captain John Robertson and other settlers followed, and cattle ranches, mills, and stores were opened along Caney Creek. In 1877, the town received a railroad from the East and West Texas Railway, and Caney Station became a shipping point for imports and exports, bringing more business to the area. In 1882, Presswood received its first post office, registered under the name New Caney, as the name Caney already was in use by another Texas town. This development led to the name of Presswood falling out of use, as New Caney became the preferred term.

    In 1884, the population of New Caney was sixty people. By 1892, it had grown to ……

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