Can You Get Rid of Bed Bugs On Your Own?

Can You Get Rid of Bed Bugs On Your Own?

Bed bugs, while only about 5 millimeters in size are extremely difficult bugs to remove from your home. This is because they are smart, resourceful, tough to kill, and reproduce rapidly. These tricky bugs know how to sneak into your home undetected and remain hidden for months. They are masters of avoiding detection and can live for months without meals. A female bed bug is capable of laying up to 500 eggs in her lifetime. 


Whenever these tiny bloodsucking pests make their way into your home, they will find their way into your bed in order to feed on you while you sleep. When they bite you, you will be left with something similar to a mosquito bite. You may notice red, itchy, welts on your arms and legs that appear when you wake up. 


While these pests can be extremely difficult to get rid of, working with a professional pest control company can help you to get rid of all of the bed bugs in your space. Taking a DIY approach to bed bug removal may leave you with less than satisfactory results, meaning multiple treatments, which will cost you time and money. 


When you have bedbugs in your home, there may be certain factors that lead to a more difficult removal process. These factors include having lots of clutter, traveling often and bringing new bedbugs home in your luggage from hotels, and riding in public vehicles. 


At Armor Pest Control in Katy, TX we understand how bed bugs work. They easily sneak their way into your home by hitching rides on your clothing and belongings. While they are called bed bugs, they can live anywhere, including carpet, furniture, and vehicles. If you have the misfortune of bringing them into your home they can go undetected for long periods of time. Once you do realize you have an infestation the problem may be out of control and in need of serious professional help. If you have seen any signs of bed bugs in your home, have strange bites you cannot account for, or are interested in having your space inspected for bed bugs as a cautionary measure, the bed bug removal experts at Armor Pest Control in Katy, TX can help! Our team is dedicated to ridding your home of these unwanted pests as quickly as possible without breaking your family’s budget. Contact Armor Pest Control today to learn more about our bed bug removal services and how we can help get them out of your home for good.


Bed Bug Removal in Katy TX

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